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Seo – Search Engine Optmisation

Comprehensive SEO – A Blueprint for Success

SEO India is your hotspot for comprehensive marketing solutions and powerful SEO campaigns. We get traffic and sales – that’s what we do.

SEO India, as the name suggests, is amongst the best Search Engine Optimization companies in the region. We have profound experience and in-depth knowledge of the matter that’s going to be incredibly beneficial for all of your marketing attempts and endeavors. We are completely different from the companies that you pay to and get absolutely nothing in return months after the deal. We are going to make sure that every SEO action that we take is in compliance with the most updated and current version of the Google updates such as Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. We are going to make sure that you understand your competitors as well as their entrepreneurial undertakings in order to take advantage of the information and stand on top of them.


Ultimately, we are going to channel all of our expertise towards your website in order to drive the offer the best SEO services in India. This is going to result in substantial long-term benefits and growth of your entire business, expansion of your reach, and an increase of sales and revenues. Our main intention is to make your business easily discoverable in the swamp of competitive websites by pinpointing it on the first page of the most competitive search engines out there. This is going to ensure high amounts of traffic which is the essential ingredient for successful business development. We offer a comprehensive SEO approach which is going to have the best effect of your website in order to properly enhance your online presence.


The thing about SEO in India is that it is long-term. Unlike PPC campaigns which are going to last for a particular amount of time or until you reach the amount of clicks that you’ve paid for, SEO is going to boost your overall ranking and this is here to stay. That’s going to ensure a sustained and long-term traffic. Furthermore, through the implementation of the white-hat SEO techniques that we are going to undertake you can also target particular audiences which have higher chances of converting. For instance, we are capable of directing your website towards the attention of people who are particularly interested in what you have to offer, be it a service or a product. With this in mind, you have to understand that getting traffic is far from being enough. We are going to make sure that this traffic is of high quality and that it’s relevant. Anyone could start spamming your website’s links on different forums and that’s going to surely drive a certain amount of people to your enterprise but the chances of conversions are practically zero. However, with our SEO services in India you can rest assured that the traffic is going to be targeted and relevant and it’s going to be what you are looking for.

In order to do so, we undertake a few steps of meticulously thought out services which are built with effectiveness in mind. This is what’s going to determine the success of our SEO campaigns for your website. Every one of the following steps is completely Google friendly and white-hat. We are going to ensure that your website isn’t slapped with any of the penalties by the latest animal updates of the search engine. However, let’s skip right ahead and take a look at every step of the way so that you have a clear idea of what to expect as transparency of the entire matter is one of our dearest values.

  1. Research and Analysis

Even though this might seem like two words with the same concept, there are fundamental differences between the research and the analysis. Our research processes aim to understand your business and your particular market in particular. We are going to take an in-depth look at your enterprise as well as the other companies of the kind that are you are competing against. This is going to allow us to grasp at the concept of what you have to offer and how to properly approach the campaign.

It is only after we’ve done that when we are going to evaluate the collected information in order to lay down the foundations of our SEO services in India. Every single campaign that we offer to our customers is tailored to perfection. It’s customized and personalized to fit the demands of the particular client. Every business is different and deep down they all have their roots that have to be enhanced and emphasized on. We make sure that we do this thoroughly through comprehensive analysis of the market and of your business as well as the undertakings of your competitors. The last is going to allow us to see how they are prospering in order to replicate the methods and improve them so that you could trump the competition. Furthermore, we are going to look for the weak links in their campaigns and make sure to take absolute advantage out of every opportunity. Having an edge over your competitor is without a doubt one of the things that you should be striving towards and we understand how to properly do it.

  1. Identifying opportunities for keywords

The keywords are main components of your SEO campaigns. These are the words that your customers are using when they are searching for services and products of the kind that you have to offer. With this in mind, we are going to be conducting a thorough research on the proper keywords in order to identify all of the exact matches as well as the long tail ones. Once we are through with this, we are going to come up with a perfect strategy that’s going to combine the results in order to provide you with a powerful optimization campaign that’s going to drive all the relevant traffic without missing opportunities.

The thing is that the majority of companies are going to be focusing on the highly competitive and high-traffic-driving keywords. Of course, we do the same. In fact, these are the cornerstones of our campaigns. However, the key thing is to take advantage of all the other long tail keywords which are accompanying the exact matches. This is going to make sure that you capture traffic that doesn’t necessarily come from the main keyword but it’s still 100% targeted and relevant. This is one of the things that we are going to be including in our seo services in India. You can rest assured that we are outsourcing SEO to highly professional experts which have tons of experience in the subject matter and are capable of executing the perfect campaigns.

  1. On-Site coding and Implementation

While there is a lot of hype going on around off-site SEO, the truth is that the on-page coding and implementation of viable techniques is just as important. There are tons of things that are going to properly affect your ranking and are of high importance when it comes to SEO services in India. For instance, you are not going to be given priority for using more than one H1 tag, which is something that a lot of companies tend to do. If anything, this could lower your chances of getting higher ranks as Google won’t tolerate it.

The proper coding of your pages is important as it’s going to determine how easy to navigate your website is and that’s going to be crucial when it comes to user experience.

  1. Copywriting

Content is king. This is the rule to live by when it comes to SEO in India. The truth is that there are quite a few things which are going to determine the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns but your content is the most important. There are no two ways around it – this is what’s going to drive your campaigns and your entire business to success. Failing to achieve it is going to condemn you to failure as the tendencies are shifting and people want value.

Your content is going to mean everything. You should strive in providing the most value with every word that you use in your content. This is going to achieve a lot of things. Right off the bat, you have to understand that offering content value is going to increase the user engagement in your website and his involvement in what you are offering.

Furthermore, your content is what’s going to drive your customer into making a decision to act. In order to get this actionable behavior you would first have to guide the customer into why he needs to purchase your product. Of course, the very fact that he’s on your website is a powerful thing to exploit but in the majority of cases he’s going to need an additional push to make the final call. That’s why it’s referred to as “call to action”. However, what the majority of agencies tend to get wrong is that the call to action has to be subtle. Now, here’s the key trick. Subtle doesn’t mean weak. A subtle message is capable of being extremely powerful because it could resonate to the consciousness of the reader. Instead of nagging him to a call you have to make sure that he makes his own decisions throughout your guidance. That’s why the content is important and our outsourcing SEO professionals are going to make sure that every task of the content generation is dully achieved.

  1. Speed & Site Performance

When it comes to getting a high rank on Google, you need to understand that simple on-site SEO isn’t going to cut it. Yes, it’s absolutely mandatory for the campaign and you can’t go without it, but it’s not going to be enough. This is where the development and engineering of your website comes into the picture. The proper development of your website is going to be deciding as it’s going to determine how responsive and fast it is. Google has already stated that they are giving preferences to sites which load faster as they are providing better user experience and that’s their main designation and intention – to enhance the experience of those who search.

Furthermore, as we mentioned before, user experience is going to be incredibly important and with this in mind the overall performance of your website is going to be crucial for your ranking. You need to understand that the better your site is developed the proper the experience is going to be and the more your customers are going to be satisfied. This is absolutely essential and it’s not only going to secure higher rankings but recurring traffic which is without a doubt the most desirable thing.

  1. Marketing and Link Building

Marketing is absolutely mandatory when it comes to proper SEO services in India. We are going to launch powerful campaigns which are going to build hype around what you have to offer in order to properly attribute to the long-term beneficial results that SEO in India has to offer. This is going to properly facilitate the entire process and make it quite faster.

However, one of the other important things that you would have to take into consideration is the building of powerful back linking network. Now, for those of you who are unaware of what a back link is – this is a link that leads back to your site from another website, hence the name – back link. However, Google has been absolutely clear in its announcements that spamming bank links are going to be penalized and considered as black-hat SEO which is going to get your quickly de-indexed and that’s going to put a damper on your online presence.

This means that we now have to focus on thorough white-hat back link building process. This is especially important. What we do is we are going to find relevant and highly reputable websites with similar fields like yours. We are going to come up with interesting and engaging posts that are going to be guest-featured on the aforementioned websites and they are going to be linking to your own site. This is one of the only sustainable ways for effective link building. The key thing is to pick authority domains to build on instead of using content mills and other black-hat techniques that are only going to get you penalized.

  1. Ranking Report & Tracking

This is the final step of what we do in SEO India. Our company is going to provide you with a final ranking report of what we’ve accomplished. However, you need to understand that this is a process that takes time and if you are looking for instant results you can take a look at our PPC services as they are going to instantly increase the traffic. However, the ranking report is going to determine how successful the campaign was and whether or not it needs any alterations and amendments. This is going to be detrimental because if we need to make alterations we need to do so in the shortest span so that we could ensure prompt results.

Tracking refers to the support that we are going to offer after the fact. Our company offers whole-house SEO services in India and this means that we are going to keep track of your site’s performance and provide you with the necessary support in order to keep your ranking positions as high as possible.

We have proven, flexible marketing and SEO methodologies that have worked perfectly for countless customers and we are most certainly going to do the same for you. Our outsourcing SEO services guarantee the highest quality and proven results. If you are tired of paying to some self-promoted experts to boaster your Google ranks and  you’ve already spent tons of money without getting nothing in return, you should most certainly consider relying on our services. We are going to make sure that your website generates a significant amount of relevant traffic – we won’t just scrape the internet for people, we are going to drive those who are most willing to purchase your product or use your services – based on what you have to offer. This is going to surely increase the revenues of your enterprise and further your reach. However, the most important thing is that it’s going to pave the foundations for a lucrative online marketing platform that’s going to be generating you profits for the foreseeable future without any issues. SEO is automated as once it’s completed it’s going to passively increase your traffic without you having to be too concerned about it.